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We have a growing database of rare baby boys names for you to search, we hope to spark your imagination for something a little bit different if you are tired of the same names being used over and over again. Our baby names database is easy to search, just decide if you are looking for as boys name or a girls name and then select the letter the name starts with. You will then see a list of baby names with their origin and meanings.

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Rare Baby Boys Names Beginning with O

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Odamn/aBaby BoyHebrew
Odammn/aBaby BoyHebrew
OdanInspiration, frenzyBaby BoyNorse
OddvarPointBaby BoyNorwegian
OdedTo EncourageBaby BoyHebrew
Odemn/aBaby BoyHebrew
Odemmn/aBaby BoyHebrew
OdenWealthy friendBaby BoyNorwegian
OdeyWoad hillBaby BoyEnglish
OdhranLittle green oneBaby BoyGaelic
OdikTo encourageBaby BoyHebrew
OdinHead God in Norse mythologyBaby BoyNorway
OdoRic, WealthyBaby BoyEnglish
Odolffn/aBaby BoyGermanic
OdonWealthy protectorBaby BoyHungaria
OdusInstinctiveBaby BoyGreek
OdyWoad hillBaby BoyEnglish
OdyllWoad hillBaby BoyEnglish
OdyseasAfter a very skilled thracian musicianBaby BoyGreek
OdysseusAngryBaby BoyGreek

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